Toogee Treks: The Fighting Spirit

Experience The Kokoda Track – One of the worlds most famous treks.

Tread the path of our WW2 heroes, experience the history, the beautiful jungle and the hospitality of the local people. A journey every Australian should make at least once in their lives.

After 29 crossing and 10 years of personally guiding Toogee Treks clients across the Kokoda Track (not to mention the dozens of Self Guided treks over the years), Robert Frost knows how to organise and conduct a trek to give you the best possible experience on your journey of the famous wartime Kokoda Trail.

Over the last decade, walking the Kokoda Track has become a popular adventure for many Australians. Walking the Kokoda Trail, you will gain a sense of history, an insight into the conditions, the culture and the environment that our young diggers were to encounter during the battles that raged along the Bloody Track during the Kokoda campaign in 1942.

A tour of the Kokoda Track can make what you read about the history of this region come alive. Regardless of your motives, finishing this trek will give you a sense of pride, of achievement and accomplishment that few other treks can offer.

Your experience of the Kokoda Track will be challenging, emotional, uplifting, enlightening and inspiring and Toogee Treks objective is to make sure your trek is also enjoyable. Whether this is your first overseas trip or first serious trek or you are a seasoned adventurer, with Toogee Treks, we want to ensure you have the best Kokoda Track experience possible, without breaking the bank.

Your Australian Trek Leader will provide briefings at historical battle sites and other points of interest and together with your PNG Crew provide a meaningful insight into the lives and culture of the Koiari people of the track and ensure you enjoy a fun, safe trekking experience that is environmentally sensitive.

Toogee Treks places your safety and wellbeing at the forefront of this adventure. Your itinerary is designed to meet each days objectives at a comfortable pace, we aim to finish each days trekking by mid afternoon to allow plenty of rest and recovery time and time for possible delays such as flooded creeks. Your personal porter and the rest of the crew are always nearby to lend a helping hand at any tough sections and your Trek Leader and medic keep a constant lookout for any signs of heat stress or fatigue.

By touring with Toogee Treks, you also support us in our quest to preserve the history, the culture and the environment around the Kokoda Track. You will go home with a great sense of achievement and some lifetime friendships and maybe one day your descendants will also appreciate how the Australian ideals of courage, mateship and sacrifice was combined with  the compassion, generosity and warmth of the people from along the track to make the Kokoda Trail the special place it is.

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