Kokoda Fitness

The trek is physically demanding – you therefore should be physically fit!
Your training plan should include a program to improve your aerobic fitness and leg strength.
Aerobic fitness can be gained by commencing a vigorous walking program. The minimum requirement is to start with walks of 45 minutes duration. This should be increased by intervals of 10% per week. After a couple of weeks you should include some hills in your circuit.
As you progress it is a good idea to mix in some slow jogging.
Other good aerobic activities include aerobic step classes at the local gym, jogging and cycling (for at least 45 minutes per session).
Strength can be improved by completing specific exercises at a certain intensity. The best place to do this is at your local gym. Step machines are ideal! Plan a program to strengthen your leg and abdominal muscles.
Treadmills are also ideal for physical preparation. You can get a good feel for the trek by setting the machine on maximum elevation with walking speed of 6 km/h for 40 minutes.
Acclimatisation is a problem as we move suddenly from a temperate to a tropical climate. It is therefore a good idea to workout in a tracksuit. The fitter you are the quicker you will acclimatise.
Think of your training as a deposit in your fitness account – everything you do between now and the trek will pay a dividend on the track. You can’t cheat on yourself in preparing for the trek! If you do the work you’ll complete it with ease – although there will be some patches where you might have a bit of doubt.
The only other characteristic you require is mental toughness.
But no matter how fit you are at the start – you will have to pull your belt in a couple of notches by the time we get to the finish of the trek!

Some Tips

Training for your Trek.


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