Kokoda Food



Sample Breaky & Lunch Menu
Weetbix, Muesli, Porridge or and biscuits, maybe Damper. Always Tea, coffee or Milo.
Korean or Japanese Noodles, Creamy Pasta, Biscuits with Jam, Honey, Vegemite or Peanut Butter.

Sample Dinner Menu – Meats
Depending on what is freshly available – any of the following.
* Roast Wild Pig with bush nut crust.
* Wild Pig Spare Ribs with a Honey and Ginger Glaze.
* Wild Pig cooked in Bamboo (the traditional way) with a bush Mushroom sauce.
* River Eel steamed in Medicinal leaves with Ginger and onion.
* Trout MuMu’d (cooked in the ground) with a light coconut dipping sauce.
* Tree Kangaroo steaks marinated in a Japanese style sauce and char grilled.
* Cassawary marinated in Korean Bulgogi sauce and then steamed in bamboo tubes.
* Chicken or Duck curried PNG style.
Of course we also cater for the less adventurous.
* Corned Beef Bolognaise
* Tuna Curry
* Steak and Onion

Sample Dinner Menu – Vegies
* Bush Cabbage dry fried with wild herbs.
* Sweet potato fries.
* Potato, Taro and Yam cooked in coconut milk.
* Choko vine in curry nut sauce.
* Wild Mushrooms.
* Fern tips with Ginger simmered in curried coconut milk.

All dinners are served with rice or pasta.

Sample Dinner Menu – Desert
* Coconut rice with fresh pawpaw,
* pancakes with banana and cream,
* fresh baked Banana cake,
* Fried Apple Pie,
* Fruity Pizza,
* Banana Fritters.

Deserts are a treat and we don’t always have them. Sometimes it’s too wet or we arrived in camp a bit late, sometimes the fruits we need are just not available.
Regardless we will always have sweet biscuits to go with your tea, coffee or Milo

Disclaimer: We pride ourselves on the quality and variety of the meals we provide. Of course there are many limitations, such as no refrigeration and only being able to carry what essential ingredients we can on our backs and the availability of fresh game, fish, fruit and vegetables. These factors  all play a big part in what we prepare for your dinner each day.
So although we do our best to give you ‘bush tucker’ every day there will be times when something a little less mouth watering than ‘roasted wild pig with bush nut crust’ might have to do.


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